2017 1and1 Review: Our Expert Rating (4.1/5.0 Stars)

Almost three decades now and counting (since 1988), 1 & 1 web hosting company has remained a dominant player in the web hosting industry not just across Europe but the world over. With Germany as their launch pad, that largely explains why most of Europe identifies with them.

Client-wise, 1 & 1 has been the web host of choice for both novices and advanced users because for their top quality hosting, you will be set back just a fraction of what you would pay for similar services elsewhere.

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Whether its domain registration; shared, virtual private server (VPS), cloud, dedicated hosting or internet marketing - they have it! To maximize on all their hosting plans, they offer you a huge line-up of features for your convenience. Another good reason for their high praise, is their customer service. In web hosting, customer service counts just as much as every other important feature.

12 million customers later and roughly 18 million domains under their belt, you wouldn’t have solid reasons not to give 1&1 a hats off. So for the person more concerned about affordability, features, ease of use, and customer support, 1&1 hosting company will serve you right. But is that all? Absolutely not, let’s find out more about them.


    • Features: 4.5/5.0
    • Reliability: 4.5/5.0
    • Ease Of Use: 4.0/5.0
    • Pricing: 4.1/5.0
    • Customer Service:4.0/5.0

1and1 Hosting Review

1and1 review

Whichever hosting plan you choose to have from 1&1, one thing is sure: they come with plenty of features. Most popular of all their hosting plans is the unlimited plan which has unlimited hosting features and dozens of other tools all aimed at refining your web hosting experience. Uptime and speed are guaranteed and there are thousands of users who admit they’ve never experienced any downtime with 1&1 hosting services.

Thanks to their Presk Control Panel, you have a user-friendly cPanel in waiting that will see you easily manage different options such as databases, server configurations, email accounts, and many others with ease. Are you on a budget? Get this, for as low as $0.99, you can get a decent hosting plan from 1 & 1. More about this later in our 1and1 com review. For the rest of the packages, pricing has been done fairly with all types of users in mind.

As a customer, you are of much priority to this company and that’s why to them, customer services come first and they’ve earned a solid reputation across their clients for that.



Compared to other web hosting providers, 1 and 1 hosting plans are relatively cheap and nearly 95% of web hosting hopefuls can afford them. In fact, their huge discounts ensure that you have an easy and painless start with their services. For your first year of hosting, you can pay as low as $0.99/month and thereafter start to pay $7.99/month which is still affordable. And if it turns out that the services didn’t satisfy you enough, you have a 30-day money back guarantee to take advantage of.

Rich Features

Each of us has their own unique hosting needs and for such reasons, the company has a couple of hosting plans for you to choose from. Even for their unlimited plan, the features are reasonably many including unlimited space, websites & bandwidth, 1 free domain, 20 databases, 100 email accounts, 24/7 support, and so much more. For more innovative and advanced features, you can purchase their advanced plans.

Ease Of Use

Customers who opt for 1 & 1’s services have the privilege to use their user-friendly Plesk control panel which put simply, is an easy to use cPanel that you can use to effectively manage your files, emails, database, server configurations, and so much more. On top of that, there are some SEO and one-click installation tools that help users have an easy time not just setting up the website but also promoting it.

Great Customer Service

Admittedly, excellent customer support is one of the huge factors that contributes in one running their website smoothly, especially if it’s a business website. 1 & 1 offers you several support options, including email and phone. Once you submit your query to them, the feedback will be quick and best of all, their hosting specialists will help a great deal in finding the right solutions to your hosting problems. For 1 & 1, customer satisfaction comes first and that’s what has turned them into reliable web hosts.


Most important of all things that a web host server should do is ensure your files are available as quickly as possible when a person looks up your website. Thousands of users who’ve used 1 & 1 hosting admit that uptime is undeniably 99.9% guaranteed. Even if you took a look at the many 1and1 hosting reviews available today, you will hardly come across issues to do with downtimes. There’s also plenty of memory (256M) to keep your website running well.


Usability Problems

Quite a number of current users of this service did experience some few annoying issues mostly during set up. One common one is transferring the domains. Pointing the domains to 1 & 1 wasn’t exactly a good experience for the many who bought their hosting accounts and brought along a domain name from elsewhere.

Hard To Identify Some Features

Why 1 & 1 makes it hard to locate best options for non-technical users and doing the opposite for advanced users puzzles many. After all, their target market isn’t just the webmasters but the average user who simply wants a good website. Users with domain transfer problems also admitted the DNS settings were hard to come by and one only found them after a painful search all over the web.

Top Features Of 1 & 1 Hosting Company

Of all the great features 1 & 1 is well known for, here are those you are guaranteed to appreciate the most.

Pricing and Feature-Rich Plans

1 & 1 stands out in so many ways and currently are among the very few web hosts that offer its users hosting plans that are scalable and tiered. This is unlike what many players in this industry offer: the all-inclusive kind of hosting plans. Take their basic plan, for instance, at just $0.99, you can have it for a year after which you will start to now pay $7.99/month.

And much as you would want to start moaning about that, think of the unlimited hosting features you are set to enjoy. If not perfect, then that’s all your business needs. You will have plenty of unlimited hosting features to yourself.

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime & Fast Speeds

In web hosting, a stable online environment with high performance is the best a webmaster could ever wish for. With that in mind, 1 & 1 has put much focus into refining its technologies as well as hosting facilities.

For instance, there’s the green ultramodern powerful (40,000 servers) data center based in Lenexa, US which is the reason why customers are able to get unmatched connectivity and high security. So with their services, it should never both you that heavy traffic will easily throw your website into chaos.

Also, there’s the redundant UPS power systems, backup generators, dual routers, multiple hard drives, cooling systems, and dozens of other systems and facilities that add to making its performance relatively great.

Free Domains

Included with their unlimited plan is a free domain registered for a year. If we carried out a 1and1 domain review, you’d see so many reasons why the unlimited plan is one of the best- and most preferred- by many users and the domain would be among the top reasons.

Since you are set to get unlimited websites as well, then that means you can use as many forwarding/add-on domains as you wish. But if you are like the many who still have challenges picking the right domain name, the video below will enlighten you a bit on how to go about it: 

Website Builders

Diversity seems to underline 1 & 1’s approach to their services because it’s not just the first-timers who have a reason to try out their plans but also intermediate and advanced users. Take shared hosting plans, for instance, much focus has been put on the 1-click installation of WordPress and other top content management systems and this extends to add-ons as well as interaction tools plus a ton of other tools such as wiki creator and MediaWiki. Installing these tools is easy and won’t require much learning to get a hang of each.


If you already have some of the products offered by 1&1 such as their domains or email accounts, then you are in a much better position to enjoy a lot from their hosting plans. Earlier on in this 1and1 review, we saw that bringing your own domain can often work to your disadvantage and lead to you disliking 1&1.

Other than that, those on a really tight budget have a valid reason to go with this web host. If you are a business or even an average user, their unlimited plan will work perfectly for you. For businesses, starting at that low price of $0.99 maybe just what you need to kick off your business on a budget and probably scale later on when it is all grown.

However, those looking for a web host that is remarkably versatile and without some of the issues we saw earlier in this 1and1 review, then try out HostGator. You are guaranteed minimum usability issues and top of that, all the best you could from 1&1 and so much more.

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Have Your Blog Up & Running In 20 Minutes or Less!

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