Blogging Resources

Below is a list of my most popular blog posts showing the EXACT processes I have used to start and grow my blogs to over 1,000,000 visitors. Whether you're a blogging newbie or a seasoned pro, you will definitely learn something from these resources. 

Getting Started

My Step-By-Step Guide To Starting A Blog - Follow my epic guide and you will have a kick ass blog in a matter of minutes!

Have Your Blog Up & Running In 20 Minutes or Less!

My Free Step-By-Step Guide Will Get Your Blog Up & Running 20 Minutes Or Less

Best Blogging Platforms - A comparison of the top 7 blog platforms (I use WordPress).

Blogs vs Websites - This goes over the 7 differences between a blog and a website.

What is a Blogger? - What bloggers do and how to become one.

Should You Start A Blog? - If you're not sure, read this. I share 34 reasons why I blog.

How To Choose A Domain Name​ That Will Be Remembered - A domain name is the first impression someone gets before they even visit your site! Here's how to pick one.

Blogging Myths Debunked - People ask me about these all the time. 

All About WordPress

How To Choose A WordPress Theme For Your Blog - Changing the "theme" helps your blog look really good. Themes have different customizable colors, layouts, and fonts.

How To Install WordPress Plugins - Plugins add some extra cool features to WordPress, with no technical knowledge required. And they are free!

How To Install WordPress - The easiest way is to use the one-click install if your hosting company has that feature. If not, I'll show you a few more ways.

Best WordPress Blog Themes - My top 10 favorites.

How To Prevent Comment Spam [Infographic] - This is a common issue with WordPress but it can easily be avoided with these 10 actionable tips.

20 Tips To Start A Legit Blog​ - A list of tips for beginners.

Creating Content

How To Write A Blog Post - This is the most important part of blogging!

Social Media Images - Free images you can use in your blog posts.

Blog Ideas: A 9 Step Guide To Writing The Best Posts​ - If you need come up with more topics for your blog this is how to do it.

Make Money Blogging

9 Best Ways To Make Money Blogging - This is my how-to guide about making money with your blog.

The Best Website Brokers​ - Once you've got your blog going you can sell it to a website broker for cash. You can also buy existing blogs through them.

How To Make Your Blog Successful - 7 tips when you are starting out to become successful.

How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog

Increase Traffic To Your Blog - This is the ultimate guide I put together with 100+ proven ways to get more visitors. This list is why I have millions of readers on my blogs!

How To Promote Your Blog: 7 Proven Tips - A quick read with my most effective tips.

Have Your Blog Up & Running In 20 Minutes or Less!

My Free Step-By-Step Guide Will Get Your Blog Up & Running 20 Minutes Or Less