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This page features free social media images for bloggers and journalists. Please feel free to use them with attribution to:

Images are vital elements in publishing articles online. They play a significant role in attracting the attention of potential readers. Any experienced bloggers and journalists will tell you this. Articles with images arguably have higher chances of getting a captive audience.

One of the more common topics bloggers write about is social media. Sure, you can find tons of different royalty free stock photos on the web but these free photos usually leave much to be desired. They usually look too generic, too plain, or too similar to what most other blogs or online articles are already using.

If you want something more appealing, take a look at the collection featured below. These are free images related to social media you can use for free, to make your blogs or articles more interesting. Please don’t forget to provide attribution to!

This image of social media sharing buttons pinned on a wall goes well with articles discussing the need to integrate social media with blogging and content marketing. It’s a horizontally long image, which makes is great one to add on top of an article or post.

Social Media Mixed Icons - Banner

This collection of cutesy cubes representing different social network and media sharing sites is a good aesthetic addition to any blog post. With its transparent background, it seamlessly fits into any part of an article you may want to add it to.

Social Media Mix 3D Icons - Mix #1

Okay, this is some “girly” stuff right here. You can call it gaudy but you can’t deny that it looks attractive and can really make a post or article catch some attention. It’s another image with a transparent background—a versatile free image to adorn your post.

Social Media Butterflies

For those who want to write about how fabulous a social media platform Instagram is, here’s an excellent image for you. The butterflies are a reminder of how Instagram is mostly about aesthetics and a carefree disposition. Remind your readers to take their rants and negativity elsewhere.

Social Media Butterfly - Instagram

The crowded world of Facebook sure does attract a lot of things, including blue butterflies saddened by how Facebook has turned into a fake news center. Well, the image is not necessarily the best representation of the serious fake news problem but you might want to use it if you feel a little melancholically metaphoric over the state of Facebook

Social Media Butterfly - Facebook

What do ladles and social media have in common? Well, nothing notable. But who says the images on your articles have to be on point with what they supposedly represent? You can use this interesting image if you have an article about cooking up a social media strategy for promoting a project.

Social Media Marketing Mix

All eyes on a Facebook Live stream—this is basically what this image literally and figuratively means.

Facebook Live Audience

Want an image for your post about how colorful the world of social media is? Here’s one perfect image for you!

Social Media Icons Color Splash Montage - Landscape

The @ sign in modern use is mostly associated with making replies to specific persons in a discussion thread. It is being used on Twitter, comments sections, and forums to direct a response to a specific user. Use this @-held-by-a-severed-hand image for your posts about online discussions or correspondence.

Internet Online Marketing

Looking for a non-generic image for your article about Snapchat? Here’s one offered by an amputated hand.

Snapchat User

In Photoshop, the effect you see in the image above is called action zoom blurring. It’s a good image to use for a post focusing on the different sides of Snapchat.

Dynamic Snapchat


Have Your Blog Up & Running In 20 Minutes or Less!

My Free Step-By-Step Guide Will Get Your Blog Up & Running 20 Minutes Or Less