Reseller hosting is often seen as an entrepreneur’s space mostly due to the way it has been structured. Anyone deep into it has every reason to always be on the lookout for the deals. Are you new to this space? We’ll dissect it just a little bit for your sake.

Put simply, reseller hosting is an arrangement between the web host and client in which the client purchases the web host’s services, as they would when buying products at a wholesale price, then proceeds to resell the server space and the bandwidth to other customers at a profit. Of course there are multiple ways you could do that.

best reseller hosting

Best reseller hosting companies will offer you multiple resources as well as tools that will assist you not just to purchase but also resell the hosting space effectively. Three important things to consider include the bandwidth and disk space included with each package and also the extra features you get on top of the package.

So it’s time to find out which are the best reseller companies in 2017.

Brand Name

Best for



Reliability and Uptime


Multiple Features & Perfect for Web Designers

InMotion Hosting

Affordable and High Performance


Fast and Secure

TMD Hosting

Simple and Perfect for Beginner Resellers

HostGator is a big name in the web hosting space and currently among the largest web hosts across the world. When looking for an easy and fast to put your website on the web, Hostgator is the type of web host you would never go wrong with. All their staff are well informed and will promptly handle any technical issues you may have to your satisfaction. And it’s not just their reseller hosting services that are unmatched, all the other services are actually perfect for whatever web development project you may have.

At $19.95/month, you will be able to access their introductory reseller hosting plan called Aluminum, while the highest one, Diamond, goes for $49/month. Some of the free features included with the reseller hosting plans include the WHMCS billing software, well over 400 brandable video tutorials just for your clients, a cPanel that is flexible and easy to use, private name servers, well over 70 gTLDs and ccTLDs you can resell via ResellerClub, and a couple of other features that are all geared towards ensuring your reseller hosting business is successful.

Best of all, you are guaranteed 99.9% uptime and reliability plus a 45-day money back guarantee. Bear in mind that Hostgator maintains an independent data center and has a huge data base, which speaks volumes about the trust many website owners have in them. So as a reseller business, you are also guaranteed of the same because the services are still just the same- excellent and reliable.


Just as the name suggests, GreenGeeks is among the very few web hosts that largely uses green energy to power their servers. It has been independently owned since 2008 and in all areas of their operations, they put heavy emphasis on ecofriendliness. Over the years, the company has turned out to become not just a professional organization but one with quality data center resources and very reliable customer service.

This extends to their reseller hosting packages as well. Their pricing is competitive, with the cheapest plan going for $19.95/month and extending all the way up to $99.95. All their plans are completely brandable and come with extra features such as unlimited cPanel Accounts; free SSDs, website builder, migration service and WHMCS (a free billing software); an integrated Enom License (for use in domain reselling); a Softaculous license, not to mention a dedicated IP address (optional at $30/year).

See all those features they have in their shared hosting plans? You will also be able to offer your clients the same. Some of them include MySQL databases, Email Accounts, PHP, etc. If you wish to control some of these features, you will also be able to do so with their hosting plan control system.

So all those important features you need to successfully run your reseller hosting business come included with their packages. You are also guaranteed 99.9% uptime and not just that but also a 30-day money back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is cherished for many things but what puts them ahead of the pack is their affordable packages, reliable and exceptional performance, and the fact they are a perfect fit for small, medium and even large businesses. Some people have hailed them for having relatively fast page load speeds. They also have excellent customer support.

What makes InMotion Hosting a great pick for reseller hosting is the fact that all their packages come complete with premium network infrastructure, quality hardware, and reliable customer service all at a friendly price. At just $13.39/month, you will be able to have their introductory reseller plan. The highest reseller plan goes for $27.49/month. For each plan you can expect a free SSD Drive, WHMCS (a free billing software), dedicated IP address, Free Backups, Easier white Labelling, Multi-layer Defense and a cPanel.

Inclusion of an integrated Enom License means you also have the capacity to resell domain names to your customers. And should the services turn out not good enough for you, you have 90-days to turn down the services and claim your money back.

Overall, InMotion hosting remains one of the top choices for reseller hosting and regardless of the size of your business, they have the best reseller hosting plans for you. Already, they have even been endorsed by top tech review sites such as CNET and PC Mag and dozens of other top review sites.


SiteGround is not just a popular web host but also one of the highest rated by website owners. One major reason for this is because their web hosting services are fast and very secure, which are two most important factors you will want to have first for your website. Customer support is available 24/7 and they don’t take longer to reply to your queries. On top of that, they have four data centers: in the UK, US, Singapore, and Netherlands.

Something very unique about their reseller plans is that you only require 5 credits in order to get started. That equates to $18.75/month. More credit means more discount and the best thing about them is that they don’t expire. Besides being completely brandable, the reseller accounts also come complete with WHMCS, premium hardware, cPanel, network infrastructure, and 24/7 customer support. Dedicated IP addresses are optional at $30/year.

Other extra features that come included with the reseller accounts include free daily backup, free email accounts, free Cloudflare CDN, which takes much of the credit for the speed and security, unmetered data transfer and FTP accounts. All the reseller tools are centrally managed and that ensures easy management. You are also guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Overall, SiteGround reseller hosting services are a perfect option for web designers or developers who look to keeping their customers for a long time. Reliability on their part makes this possible and as a reseller, you are set to get great revenue from their services.

TMD Hosting

You might have seen it them elsewhere among the top 10 reseller hosting companies but today we squeeze them among the top five. Why? TMD has been in existence since 2007 and all through they have been offering remarkable hosting and their reseller services are some of the best you will ever find.

Some of the features that make them so competitive include their certified data centers (SSAE 16 certified) which means you are guaranteed high levels of operation, 24/7 biometric security, climate control, water detection system, generators& Ups, just to name but a few. Support response time is usually within minutes.

Reseller hosting is one space TMD has really excelled, first because their reseller plans have been designed to be intuitive and easy so as you can start reselling your services right away. Secondly, all their servers make use of solid state drives which give an extremely fast page load time compared to the traditional drives. The starter package retails at $19.95/month and for that price you get unlimited domains, a cPanel, WHM and 24/7 support. The highest plan goes for $49.95.

With WHM access, you will be able to create as well as manage each account, create custom plans and so much more. And should you find yourself not satisfied with their services, you have up to 30 days to claim your money back.

So even though TMD may not have the hundreds or thousands of reseller hosting reviews that competitors such as HostGator have, the few they do have speak volumes about their competence in web hosting, especially website reseller hosting.


So these five sum up our list of the best hosting providers for resellers. Your budget and the number of accounts you intend you intend to sell will largely influence your choice of the best reseller web hosting provider.

Many of us definitely want a combination of great pricing and a decent reseller hosting package, particularly one that comes with enough disk space as well as bandwidth plus a couple of other extra features at an affordable price. HostGator easily beats the rest when it comes to that.

Besides that, don’t we all wish to get it right the first time? That’s a reason enough to look out for a reputable company such as HostGator because, well, they have been around for so long and over this time, they have gathered a sizeable customer base, thanks to their excellent and reliable web hosting services.

No doubt reseller hosting is an amazing entrepreneurial concept but one that could be done with perfection if only you get a great reseller web hosting provider along. So be sure to make the right choice and on top of that watch this video to learn how you could generally make more money as a reseller: