6 Sensible Reasons for Bloggers to Migrate to Cloud Hosting

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As someone who always wanted to communicate ideas, educate people with information or even advocate a brand or a product, you may have chosen a blog as a preferred platform. And quite rightly so, because people love reading information that is informal but informative in nature. Blogging is definitely the right course of action for people who take spreading ideas in the online space seriously but equally important is securing the right hosting for your blog.This calls for a solution that allows bloggers to host their blog on a secure and flexible hosting service. Now that we speak about it, cloud hosting seems like a perfect solution. It has been trusted by many businesses to host their websites. Moreover, these business have also scaled their resources through cloud hosting as their businesses expand. But why should you take our word for it? Go through these stellar pointers to know why you should migrate to cloud hosting when you are starting your own blog.

1. Saves Cost

Any writer worth his salt would tell you that it took him or her no more than a pen and a piece of paper to communicate ideas. Because spreading ideas doesn’t cost a thing and it never should. Cloud hosting allows bloggers like you to host their blogs at economical rates. It does not take anything from your wallets. Also, even if you as a blogger were to utilize more resources, it can be done at scale without having to worry about the costs since easy upgrades are possible without shelling out much. So, as someone who is looking to get set and start blogging, saving money should be your number one priority. Which is why, cloud hosting.

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2.   Provides Access 

Ideas can happen anytime and anywhere. They don’t need a place or time to take form. Imagine that one day, you have left from work and an amazing idea for a blog strikes you on your way back home. What would you do? Be compelled to write? Or atleast make a note of the idea? Well with cloud hosting you can do both. Since you as a blogger are always connected through your mobiles or tablets to the internet, accessing work related files or even documents is easy, thanks to cloud hosting. In such cases, you can write and upload your blog from anywhere. Choosing a cloud hosting package for your blog allows you to access important files or even write a blog if you are away from your workplace.

3.   Data Recovery 

One of the most important features of cloud hosting is that they have a great recovery and backup mechanism. As a blogger there are times when you may face an issue with sudden loss of blog posts due to technical reasons. In such a case, deploying cloud hosting is an ideal safety measure. Cloud hosting allows you to recover lost data and also give you more control over the same. Moreover, there is no space issue (RAM or disk space) since no extra space gets utilized when you choose cloud hosting to secure your data. This has given bloggers the freedom to post as many blogs as possible.

4.   Better Security 

Cloud hosting allows users to keep their files and data secure. This is because, cloud service providers locate all the web-based files at multi-layered secure data centers. Cloud protects your data with encryptions and passwords that are impossible to decipher. Moreover, cloud providers need to undergo audits to check for compliance with HIPAA standards. This has removed the threat of DDoS and malware attacks on blogs and allowed bloggers to trust cloud hosting services.

5.  Improves Performance

Cloud hosting enables faster load time for pages. This is because they use CDN (Content Delivery Network) that routes the web traffic through a global network. This optimizes the web page delivery and in turn speeds up  your page which is great from the SEO point of view. In short, cloud hosting puts is great for the overall performance of your blog.  

6.  More Storage 

As a blogger, would you like your ideas to be limited? We don’t think so. Cloud hosting provides you with large storage space. Moreover, this storage space is not limited to the format of your data. With cloud hosting there is no such thing as limited disk space or hard drive  or even storing on your local storage device. Instead all the data is stored on a remote database which can be scaled in terms of resources. Hence, there is a lot of space that bloggers can utilize.Which is why, for bloggers,uploading images, writing longer blogs or even uploading how-to-videos has become easier. 

Some Afterthoughts?  

Any blog that needs to survive for long should avail the power of cloud. There are no two ways about it. If you are willing to stick to the blogging game then why think small? Think big. Think massive. Avail the power of cloud hosting. And amplify the voice of your blogs.

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Have Your Blog Up & Running In 20 Minutes or Less!

My Free Step-By-Step Guide Will Get Your Blog Up & Running 20 Minutes Or Less