FreeHosting.com Review: 3 Pros & Cons (2017 Edition)

For the last 21 years, Freehosting.com has been facilitating innovative website startups to launch their websites without breaking the bank. Obviously, most people with the idea for a website do not have copious amounts of money to invest in it. But they do have a general idea of how much they want to spend and what they would like to accomplish with it.

For the two decades+ that Freehosting.com has been in existence, they've come up with tailor made web hosting services, something not so common with many web hosts. With the guarantee of reliable speeds and top-notch customer support, the company has over the years attracted thousands of websites.

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Here in this Freehosting.com review we take a look at the makers and breakers of Freehosting.com and whether they truly are as liberating as they say they are.


      • Reliability: 3.5/5.0
      • Features: 4.0/5.0
      • Pricing: 4.5/5.0
      • Ease Of Use: 4.4/5.0
      • Performance: 3.0/5.0

Freehosting.com Hosting Review

Freehosting.com Review

The best features about Freehosting.com include the free offerings proffered in the free hosting service. From storage to bandwidth and blogs, data transfers and domains, the site gets a lot of startups in dire need of such unlimited resources.

Having said that, the unreliable nature of the services which include poor uptimes, inconsistent speed and load times and poor customer support means that it is leaking more clients than it is retaining. In such a scenario no one is winning; clients can't stay with web host if they can't run a consistent website despite all the free resources and the site can't profit from all these great perks they offer because they can't keep customers for long.

Depending on your hosting needs, you have the option to pick between its free hosting plan and their fairly priced premium hosting plans which you will get to see later as we continue to review Freehosting.com. Set up is easy and all through you will have it easy managing your site, thanks to the cPanel.



The site gives its clients a lot of freebies. While they may come with the territory (after all it is a free Web hosting service) it is a big attraction for the clients who end up settling for their Web hosting services. Very few web hosts go all out as Freehosting.com have to give a free blog, free social and wiki hosting, and a free forum setup.

Easy Setup

Since this is a Web host aimed at helping startups or beginners off the ground, the company provides a simple procedure to help you setup your website with ease. The cPanel is minimalist and doesn't have advanced features that can overwhelm you. The language is also geared towards directing an amateur so no jargon or developer's lingo. This is crucial for the beginners who want to use the web tools like the website builder or set up an online store.


While most web hosts entice clients with ridiculously cheap intro prices only to jump to an exorbitant rate later, Freehosting.com keeps its rate cheap even on the paid plans. The free plan allows beginners to set themselves up to begin attracting the right amount of traffic before you can scale to an Economy or Deluxe plan for $5.95 or $14.99 a month respectively.

Online Store Friendly

You can easily set up your online store on your own without much fuss. The features are just enough to work with without overwhelming a beginner in their varied functions. This is imperative especially since it translates to profits. Keep in mind the online setup of Freehosting.com is not for a website with a large inventory but a small enterprise.


Poor Uptimes

Unfortunately, despite the incredible platform, the lack of industry standard up times means website owners cannot make the most of the service offered. Falling short of the expected 99.99% that their competitors boast of means they can't retain all the customers they attract in the first place.

Customer Support

When you couple a slow unreliable platform with a lackluster customer support, the results are catastrophic. The site's customer support is represented in all three popular categories: phone, live chat and email. The problem lies in the response time and the resolution of issues. In an industry where many like-minded companies have heavily invested in an astute customer support team, the lack of it is a glaring defect.


As always, a Web host must deliver on the fundamental services that are required of it; reliable speeds and load times and excellent power across all platforms. Freehosting.com's services do not meet these requirements with the frequency needed to make them a reliable web host. In the bigger scale of things, this failing takes the credit away from all their other amazing features. In many Freehosting.com reviews, clients have reported unreliable servers, poor loading speed, and fickle power.

Top Features Of FreeHosting.com

Free Hosting

Nothing attracts a new customer faster than the promise of free resources. Freehosting.com appears to have mastered that concept very well as they offer you the option to create your entire website for free. Below is what they offer for free:

    • They charge no set up fees
    • Free storage
    • Free data transfer
    • Free domain hosting
    • Free cPanel
    • No file limit
    • Free video hosting, image and photo album
    • Free Web tools
    • Ad free bannerless hosting


The fact that Freehosting.com features the user-friendly, industry standard cPanel is a huge plus for the web host considering they are offering it for free where others make you pay for it. The use of the cPanel ensures that any website owner can manage and run their website easily. It is feature-rich but with a reasonable limit so as not to bombard a new user. Want some tips on how to work with the cPanel? Here’s a video to help you out:

No Ads

Unsolicited adverts can be annoying and they are the bane of every website owner no matter how wonderful a web host’s services are. Freehosting.com have made a point of giving their clients Ad free and banner free clean pages and this has been well received in many Freehosting.com reviews.


Overall, Freehosting.com can be commended for offering beginners a place where they have the latest technology like the cPanel and others that are easy to use. This has helped many startup businesses to realize their market potential. Usually, the ideal web host should provide the best in resources and in services. One without the other simply doesn’t work out.

Another thing that’s clear from our Freehosting.com review is that it offers its clients some of the best resources at absolutely no cost. However, it would be best if they upped the other areas that are lagging behind in their offering.

All the same, not everyone prefers free web hosting for various reasons, downtimes being among the top. For this reason, you might want to try out another alternative and in this case, the best option would be HostGator. HostGator has the perfect balance of affordability, high quality, and reliability in all their services. Still not sure which one to choose between paid and free hosting, click here for guidance.

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Have Your Blog Up & Running In 20 Minutes or Less!

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