2017 Best Hosting Server (Top 5 Options To Check Out)

Just do a search using the words "best hosting server" and you will see so many services your head will spin. In a market filled with so many products claiming that they're the best, it's easy to be left not knowing what is real and what is not.

best hosting server

I'm sure you already know how important your website is to your business. This is the reason why choosing the right company to host your website is a task that cannot be found on your list of things you will do when you make time. It must actually be on the list of things you should do now.

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I've spent some time looking through web hosting companies with the aim of answering the question, "what are the best web hosting sites"? So, did I find an answer to the question? Yes, I did. I've assembled the best website providers in 2017. As always, you'll notice that I'm not only driven by price when I look at these services.

Comparison Chart​

To determine the best sites and then to put them in an ordered list, I looked at the average price you pay to access the features of the company, the features you get, and the overall rating of the site.





No Average Fees, No extra cost, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, website building tools


Free set up, 1 click install, unlimited domains on one account


Free site builder, Free marketing and security suit, unlimited emails


Affordable, Easy to create and manage, website building tools

A2 Hosting

choice of data center for clients in the USA, Europe and Asia, Free site transfer

#1 HostGator: Easy And Affordable

Leading our list of the best hosting for website is HostGator. The reason why I'm always drawn towards HostGator is that this web hosting site gives value for your money and other sites find it very difficult to rival its service. Their byline "Webhosting Made Easy And Affordable” says it all. This is exactly what I look for when I look for best web hosting provider. You certainly don't want a service that will give you more grief than joy.

The Plans

From HostGator, you can get basically three plans. The cheapest, which is the Hatchling Plan, will cost you $2.78 a month and the most expensive, which if your Business Plan, will come at $5.98 per month. There is another plan in the middle of these two, the Baby plan. Expect to pay $2.78 a month for this service. The cheapest plans give you limited features such as a single domain, one click installs, and unmetered bandwidth. The real fun is in the Business Plan where you get all the features of the cheaper plans plus a private SSL and IP, and a toll-free number.

What To Expect From The Plans

With each plan you get from HostGator, you'll also enjoy a range of user-friendly tools and other assurances such as the tools you'll use for building your site. Add to this other features such as script installers, disk space that doesn't have any meters, and bandwidth you can use without limitations and you'll understand why HostGator deserves its space among the best server hosting sites available in the market this year.

When you use any of the plans that you buy from HostGator, you can also expect other added features which include over 4500 templates to choose from. If this does not get any web administrator excited, I can tell you that nothing else will. The cPanel is not known as the most popular control panel when it comes to web hosting for nothing. It's because millions find it impressive. If you're looking for unlimited emails, this is exactly what you will get.

You can rest assured that in the event that you experience any problems at any time, there will be someone from HostGator to assist you.

As if all the features on top were not enough, with every plan you will get WordPress Blogging Tools, YP Free business listing, Google AdWords and Bing plus Yahoo.

Need I explain myself more as to why this is my best server for web hosting? Learn more about HostGator from this video I saw on YouTube:

#2 BlueHost: Tailor Making Your Service

The next four sites are also quite good, so I had a tough time getting to decide which one will come second on my list. I finally arrived at the decision that BlueHost will take the second place. I am sure this is the question you are already asking why. Just like with HostGator, I was drawn to this service by a price that offers value for money. I am talking here about plans that are tailor-made to accommodate the needs of different clients.

The Plans

I believe that offering a service that speaks to the needs of various clients is the hallmark of a company that wants to be considered for one of the best web hosting services. Just check their plans which start from the Shared, at the lowest level, and goes up to the Dedicated at the highest level. There's another middle-level plan they call the Virtual Private Server. Prices you can expect to pay range from $2.95 for the basic plan and you'll pay $19.99 for the Virtual Private Server and $79.99 for the Dedicated Plan.

What To Expect From Each Plan

The Shared Plan. This basic plan is divided into two offers; the Basic and the Plus. Let me tell you now that if you want to use the Plus plan, the price jumps up almost a hundred percent to $5.45 a month. The basic part of this plan offers a limited service. Think just 1 website, 50 GB of space. 1 domain, 5 email accounts, and email storage of 100 MB. The Plus plan adds a little more services such as an unlimited number of websites, website space, email accounts, and storage and also bandwidth.

Virtual Private Server. This plan takes things to the next level. You can now enjoy more flexibility and power that give you the ultimate control of your website. I certainly think that these are the qualities I look for in a site I consider to be on a list that looks for the best hosting server. This plan is divided into four subcategories, the Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate. This level of choice is why I say this is a product made to give you choice.

Dedicated. Just like the other two plans, the Dedicated plan consists of three categories; the Standard, Enhanced, and Premium. This is the plan for someone who wants to combine performance with security so that they can have total control of their site.

#3 iPage: Offering Much More

The third spot goes to iPage. According to the owners of this site, they understand that hosting a website is much more than just offering free domains, unlimited email addresses, and disk space. They know that you'll need the requisite training and tools that will give you the edge over your competition. Now, this is exactly what I want to hear from a company which wants me to believe that they are one of the best website providers in the market.

The Features

Here are some of the features that I love about iPage:

Website Building Tools: The aim of the tools offered by iPage is to help you build your website your way. These tools include a website builder that has power. Couple this with a huge selection of templates to choose from, blogs that include WordPress, and a dedicated online store and you will have a better understanding of some of my reasons why I recommend this site.

Enhanced Security. With the proliferation of attacks from cyber criminals, the best server for web hosting has to ensure that your site is secure. Some of the features you get with the plans from iPage include business verification, network, and malware scanning. All this is done from a data center that has the highest levels of security.

Marketing Assistance: If you own a business you know that it is not important what service you provide but rather how well people know about your service. This is the reason why this web hosting company wants to offer marketing tools such a Google AdWords, Bing, and free listing on YP.com.

Support: No one wants to be stuck with a problem with their website and be told that they can only receive help during office hours. iPage has a dedicated 24-hour support on every day of the week. You can also benefit from online resources and video tutorials. If you are not happy with your purchase, do not worry, you can get your money back in 30 days.

#4 HostMetro: New But Making Waves

HostMetro is a relatively new web hosting service. They have been in business since 2012. Their service is generally dedicated to delivering web hosting solutions for small businesses and private individuals. The one thing that impressed me so much to put them on my list of the best server hosting sites is that even though they are new they have become one of the providers considered as one of the go to places for web hosting.

Their selling point is the "Metro Max Guarantee". This offer delivers a number of features dedicated to making the life of the customer easier. This site is dedicated to offering customer services that its rivals cannot match. They also have what they call the renewal rate lock. This guarantees that the prices of renewals for web hosting services will never be raised. This system is aimed at keeping loyal customers happy while going out for new ones.

The Hosting Plans

With HostMetro you get two basic plans. One is for business, including e-commerce and the other is for private individuals. With both the packages, you can expect unlimited space for hosting and bandwidth. You can also host unlimited domain names, and email addresses.

The Mega Max Plan: With this plan, you can expect to get unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, domain hosting, MySQL databases, and email addresses. Like the other sites I review above, this service also offers credits for Google AdWords. Other features you will also enjoy include two website builders you will get for free, and 24-hour support every day in-house support if you are in the United States of America.

Business Max Plan: The Business Max Plan offers all of the above features and also e-commerce. With this plan, you can also expect to get an eBook explaining SEO, a security seal to lock your site, and a dedicated IP address among a few more.

#5 A2 Hosting: A Solution For Every One

Call them the worst in the best but I certainly think that A2 Hosting should be proud that they have made it into a list of the best servers for websites. One thing I like about this web hosting service is that they have attempted to create a solution for everyone. There's always a challenge with trying to do everything for everyone but let's see what they have to offer. So, whether yours is a small business, you run a personal blog, you've managed this kind of work before or not, this is the provider you should be speaking to.


I notice that A2 Hosting offers four basic plans which come with various features.

Shared Hosting. This is a solution aimed at someone looking for a host for a personal blog or website. Some of the features you can expect with this plan include WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal optimization and fast servers which they claim are up to 20 times faster but they do not say against who. For this plan, you will pay $3.92 per month.

Reseller Hosting Plan. If you are planning to host your own customers, this could easily be the plan for you. This plan offers an easy way to set up hosting accounts for individuals. Your investment for this plan will be 13.19 per month.

VPS Hosting Plan. If shared hosting is not your cup of tea but you still want something affordable, then you would want to go with the VPS plan. The advantages of this plan are that you can get more speed and it is easy to use for a developer.

Dedicated Hosting. This is the highest plan in the A2 Hosting plan hierarchy. If you are running a serious business, this is the plan where you should be. The monthly payment is $99.59. This gets you the right to tailor your server resources and select your own management level.


I know that the best five providers of web hosting services are presenting a very compelling sales pitch. As I said in the beginning, trying to work out which one is the best can leave your head spinning. However, for me, even after looking at all the five, I would still go with HostGator.

They offer the best value for money. I know that the millions who host their websites with them are certainly not wrong to trust them. This is why their rating across a number of sites remains a solid 5.

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