2017 Best Email Hosting Service Providers (Top 5 Picks)

Gone are the days when fax, phone or other traditional communication medium dominated as the primary means of communication in business. Email has now shot up to the top and boasts over one billion users. And it being such an effective communication tool has led to the increase in demand for email hosting.

best email hosting service

Whereas standard email applications such as Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Outlook are great, enterprises have far more sophisticated needs like the need for instant credibility, additional resources or high availability that necessitate the need for email hosting services.

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Most web hosting services provide standard email hosting. Usually, it is the basic standardized POP3 based email and Webmail clients like Squirellmail, Horde or Roundcube. So the following are five of the industry's best email hosting service providers.

Service provider

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Bundled with web hosting




Bundled with web hosting


Bundled with web hosting/Independent



As one of web hosting's community most respectable web host, HostGator has an email hosting platform that suits both a startup and an established enterprise. Being part of the wider Endurance International Group offering, HostGator have managed to establish their identity by offering competitive prices.

At $5.95 per month, the hatchling package offers a great pack of resources including unlimited email accounts. For more options to scale to, you have the Baby and Business plans.

Key Features:

cPanel - HostGator provides the cPanel for ease of use. This gives you access to the best resources to manage your email accounts. The mail section of the cPanel is easy to navigate even for a novice.

Web Mail Support - You get unlimited POP3 email accounts with SMTP-based support. Webmail access comes supported by Horde, RoundCube and SquirelMail Protocols.

Security - Using Spam Assassin among other anti-spam protection, HostGator ensure your email privacy is secured.

Learn how to set up your own email domain inside HostGator’s cPanel plus a lot more by watching the following video:

HostGator’s award winning customer support is a clincher for most clients looking for the best email domain hosting service. HostGator have also invested in reliable hardware to ensure excellent speed and adherence to the industry standard uptime of 99.99%.

From web hosting and WordPress hosting to email hosting, you name it, SiteGround does it and does it extremely well. One of the most popular and best email hosting providers with a proven track record, SiteGround provides a reliable and fast platform for its clients. For as little as £2.75/mo. you can start off with the lowest solution available. It’s perfect for a Startup. A real nerd will opt for the GoGeek package that currently goes for £9.75/mo.

Key Features:

Cpanel Email Management - SiteGround utilizes the cPanel which helps you easily manage your email. You can delete or create accounts or set auto responders and forwarders on it.

Secure Email - The platform offers an environment suitable for secured send as well as receive protocols. This can be POP3, STMPs, and IMAPs based.

Security - Your emails are secured using built-in anti-spam solutions. These include Spam Assassin, MailFoundry, and SpamExperts. The three are enabled on all SiteGround servers by default.

Compatible with major email and webmail clients like RoundCube, Horde, and Outlook, SiteGround's email hosting services are premium and impeccable. They are ideal and most recommended for business enterprises.


Of all the best email hosting companies, InMotion's email hosting is arguably the best in the industry when it comes to affordable email hosting. For all their services, they offer you a 90-day money back guarantee. So for a decision as important as who should host your website, that is ample time to put a candidate to test. The $2.95 you pay for per month guarantees you the absolute best seat in the email hosting space.

Key Features:

Advanced Protection - Much as anti-spam solutions abound, InMotion has taken even further steps by installing SSH access on all accounts as well as BetterLinux for business hosting users.

Secure Protocols - Send and receive protocols are secure on InMotion. This translates to a protection of privacy and your personal information.

Guaranteed 99.99 Uptimes - With InMotion, you are guaranteed impeccable uptimes. You never have to worry about missing an important email because your email is down.

You can expect a reliable platform when using InMotion. The SSD drives guarantee excellent speed and load times. They also have a track record of outstanding uptimes and customer service, all very important requirements for an email hosting provider.


When it comes to web hosting, BlueHost is synonymous with high-end performance. As an email hosting service provider, the same is true. You have a choice between its special business email services and the typical hosting that comes bundled with email hosting features. Starting at just $3.49 per month (basic plan), BlueHost's services are affordable while giving you a good number of resources to grow your website accordingly.

Key Features:

Unlimited Resources - Shared plans have access to unlimited email accounts (except the basic plan that limits to 5) all supported by IMAP and POP3. Further, they have included an advanced spam protection software.

Daily Backups - BlueHost creates backup on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In the event of a situation where you lose your data, you can still reconstruct your website to revert back to its previous state. You do not need to start building your site from scratch.

Easy Scalability - They offer the option to easily scale upwards as your website continues to grow and needs more advanced features. With BlueHost, this is only a click away.

Also, they have incorporated MojoMarketPlace into all accounts so that you have access to the most popular resources. Further, their cPanel has been customized to include tools that smoothen the management process of your site. Above all else, they have invested in a customer support team that helps you with any glitches that may affect your email platform.


A formidable name in web hosting and as a domain registrar, NameCheap also ranks among the best hosted email providers. The site offers a secure and reliable email solution with their private cloud server. They offer a light webmail interface to help you manage your email. For as little as $9.88 per year, NameCheap will provide you with an excellent platform for your emails.

Key Features:

Web-Based Email - Namecheap offers a simple, easy to use interface that allows you to run through your emails without hassle. Your privacy is secured with no hidden costs of expensive software.

No Email Overload - With Namecheap, you can work on as many email accounts as you want, from different providers, simultaneously. In fact, both the site's business plan and business office plan allow you to share emails, documents, and contacts using the groupware support feature.

Perfect for both business enterprises and individuals, Namecheap's email hosting services are affordable and reliable. They support WebDay and CalDav among other protocols. With packages that support Android, BlackBerry, Apple's iPhone, Nokia, and Windows phones, you can access your emails on the go.

Bottom Line

In an industry that is as cut throat as it is creative, being a reliable email hosting provider requires an already well-established web hosting platform. The best email hosting service providers have invested in what already makes them excellent web hosts. The email hosting is just an extension of an already thriving platform. HostGator is a perfect example and a web host you could never go wrong with in this case. All the same, it is reassuring to know that email hosting is an affordable service that is easily accessible.

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